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HVAC Brands: Who is the best?

For any customer the first consideration (beyond cost) for buying a new HVAC system is which brand to choose. The question is, how much does it matter? I will not tell you all brands are the same, but there is … Continue reading

Heat Pumps: Why they should not be mismatched

How many people have had their heat pump’s compressor fail? How many live at the beach where the corrosive winds destroy the exterior of your outdoor unit? The solution seems natural. Buy a new outdoor unit and reuse the indoor … Continue reading

Heat Pump Defrost

Heat Pumps use refrigerant to both heat and cool. The refrigeration cycle is changed by a valve in the outdoor section called the reversing valve. I service customers in the Wilmington, NC area where it is just beginning to get … Continue reading

Preventive Maintenance: The Heat Pump Effect

Why would you call a technician to check out a unit that seems to be working well? You call them because these heat pumps are meant to be serviced. This is especially important for heat pumps. Heat pumps have secondary … Continue reading

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