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HVAC Brands: Who is the best?

For any customer the first consideration (beyond cost) for buying a new HVAC system is which brand to choose. The question is, how much does it matter? I will not tell you all brands are the same, but there is a part of your new system that is more important. The installer. You may think all installers go through rigorous screening and are well qualified. There are well qualified people in most companies, but they may never meet you or even see your house. “Nothing stops a Trane”, right? Actually a service technician that does not follow procedure can stop one dead in its’ tracks. It may take several years, too. Maybe you had a unit that could have┬álasted 25 years, but only lasted 11. Perhaps you had to change out a $1000 compressor because a tech did not know what a vacuum pump was years before. When it comes time to pick a HVAC┬ácompany listen to your friends evaluations of who they have dealt with. Listen to the contactor or salesperson. We all know hot air when we hear it. Meet the guys installing the system. A little due diligence can go along way. You may pay $3000 for a system that should have cost $4500, but that does not mean you got a deal. If you replace the $3000 dollar system every 10 years and you replace the $4500 system every 20 years you are spending much more money per yer for less quality.

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